segunda-feira, 7 de setembro de 2009

Independência ou...

No dia em que comemora-se a independência brasileira, é interessante reler um trecho de Herbert Spencer, Man versus the State, escrito em 1884, que parece refletir a realidade brasileira mundial atual (já que o mundo todo parece encaminhar-se hoje para o mesmo destino). Há hoje um 1,1 milhão de funcionários públicos federais ativos no Governo Lula, um aumento de 20% respeito à administração anterior.

In every circle conversations show that now, when the passing of competitive examinations renders them eligible for the public service, youths are being educated in such ways that they may pass them and get employment under Government. One consequence is that men who might otherwise reprobate some further growth of officialism, are led to look on it with tolerance, if not favourably, as offering possible careers for those dependent on them and those related to them. Any one who remembers the numbers of upper-class and midd1e-class families anxious to place their children, will see that no small encouragement to the spread of legislative control is now coming from those who, but for the personal interests thus arising, would be hostile to it.

This pressing desire for careers is enforced by the preference for careers which are thought respectable. "Even if his salary is small, his occupation will be that of a gentleman," thinks the father, who wants to get a Government-clerkship for his son. And this relative dignity of State-servants as compared with those occupied in business, increases as the administrative organization becomes a larger and more powerful element in society, and tends more and more to fix the standard of honour. (...)

These various influences working from above downwards meet with an increasing response of expectations and solicitations proceeding from below upwards. The hard-worked and over-burdened who form the great majority, and still more the incapables perpetually helped who are ever led to look for more help, are ready supporters of schemes which promise them this or the other benefit by State agency, and ready believers of those who tell them that such benefits can be given, and ought to be given. They listen with eager faith to all builders of political air-castles, from Oxford graduates down to Irish irreconcilables; and every additional tax-supported appliance for their welfare raises hopes of further ones. Indeed the more numerous public instrumentalities become, the more is there generated in citizens the notion that everything is to be done for them, and nothing by them. Each generation is made less familiar with the attainment of desired ends by individual actions or private combinations, and more familiar with the attainment of them by governmental agencies; until, eventually, governmental agencies come to be thought of as the only available agencies.

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Chesterton disse...

Sempre acaba em falência. Se estatismo e socialismo tem uma beleza, é a beleza previsívle do final....cabum.

Mr X disse...

Nem sempre acaba, pode permanecer na mediocridade forever... Ou, ao menos, por um período bastante longo antes do colapso final.

Obama e os Democratas querem aumentar o teto da dívida americana em mais de 13 TRIlhões:

Quando é que será que essa festa acaba e paga-se a conta?

chesterton disse...

v. quer a data do dia do cabum? não sei.

Mr X disse...

Espero que não seja tão cedo.