domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009

Poema do domingo

Scatological observations

Young romantic readers
Skip this part of the book
If you want a glimpse of life
You're free to take a look

Shit machine shit machine
I'm an incredible shit machine
Piss machine Piss machine
Inexhaustible piss machine

Piss & shit machine
That's the Golden Mean
Whether young or old
Move your bowels of Gold

Piss & shit machine
It always comes out clean
Whether you're old or young
Never hold your tongue

Shit machine piss machine
I'm an incredible piss machine
Piss machine piss machine
Inexhaustible shit machine.

Brown or black or green
everything will be seen
hard or soft or loose
shit's a glimpse of truth

Babe or boy or youth
Fart's without a tooth
baby girl or maid
Many a fart in laid

Shit piss shit piss
fuck & shit & piss
Fuck fart shit Piss
It all comes down to this

Beautiful male Madonnas
Wrathful Maids of Honor
To be frank & Honest
Stink the watercloset

Shit machine piss machine
Much comes down to this
Piss machine shit machine
Nature's not obscene

Shit piss shit piss
How'll I end my song?
shit piss shit piss
Nature never wrong

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997)

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sohbet odaları disse...
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Mr X disse...

Confetti não gostou do poema escatológico. :-(