quinta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2007

Mais sobre Benazir

Eu tinha simpatia pela Benazir, mas vamos combinar, na família Bhutto as pessoas raramente morrem de forma natural.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto - enforcado
Shahnawaz Bhutto - envenenado
Murtaza Bhutto - “suicidou-se” com três tiros na cabeça
Benazir Bhutto - morta em tiroteio + atentado suicida (pra garantir)

* * *

Comentário de um indiano pescado por aí:

I am in India right now and people here are stunned by the sheer brutality that has taken over Pakistan. The press and the electronic media here follow developments in Pakistan very closely as that affects Indians more directly than Europeans or Americans.

I am not surprised by what happened. It was a matter of time. If anything, this fits in with the history of that country. People have forgotten history–what happened to Benazir’s father? He was hanged by the military. Benazir was assasinated by fanatics (aided by sections of the establishment Im sure).

There is no way you can ever have any such thing as demoracy in Pakistan. It is a country filled with Islamic lunatics. It is a pit filled with vipers of the worst kind.

I am not a heartless person. I feel for the small number of peaceloving and moderate people in Pakistan (they do exist). I’ve been watching the news and some have been interviewed in the aftermath of the assasination by the Indian news channels–and all of them sense a feeling of hopelessness. They have been devastated. In Bhutto they saw some hope–for peace and freedom and normalcy. They won’t get it.

In times like these, even though I am an agnostic, I thank my good fortune that I was born in a peaceloving country–and that this country does not have a Muslim majority.

Now turning to your question: could she not see it coming? She was an ambitious woman and she saw this as her opportunity to wrest political control back from Musharraf. Opinion polls showed that the public was fed up with the Musharraft regime and that she was the most popular politician. I think she saw this as the time to put in an effort and win. And with elections only a few weeks away, she took a calculated gamble.

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